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Online High School with local support.

Find Your Link.

Where you can.

Get the fully virtual, tuition-free high school education you need to succeed at Link Learning. Our certified teachers experienced in online learning deliver a personalized curriculum tailored to the unique strengths and interests of every student so they can find the future they deserve. Need face-to-face support? We have that too, offering 14 drop-in centers throughout the state of Michigan.


For Students.

With the balance of both online and on-site support, our students are able to thrive, stay on-pace, and do anything they set their mind to.

For Parents.

Online and on-site support from Link Learning puts students in full control of their future, setting them up for long-term success that lasts a lifetime.


Where there is connection, there is opportunity.

We know that every student has the potential to get there. Each of our students has a unique past, story, and struggles, which is why we create an environment of trust and compassion, along with a personalized path to graduation.