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Find Your Link.

For Parents

Sometimes, traditional public schooling doesn’t work for your child. At Link Learning, we know that doesn’t have to be a barrier to success for students entering grade 9 or higher (ages 14-21).


Find the best success for your child.

That’s why we work to tailor our program to your child’s needs. Whether they have a history of anxiety or other medical conditions, or need to help provide for their family, the flexible schedule and courses we offer allow students to pursue success at their own pace, with understanding of their other responsibilities and challenges.

Our highly-qualified, caring teachers provide both an excellent education with high expectations, and a support system for your child. The well-being of students is our highest priority. Each student is valued at Link Learning, and our goal is to see them thrive, stay motivated, and keep working toward their goals.

To further support students, learning doesn’t end with our regular curriculum. Thanks to our partnerships with local businesses, we offer internships and mentoring opportunities to our students that help them build skills for success beyond graduation.

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Focused Curriculum

Although each student will receive a personalized plan to succeed, we ensure that courses have the Michigan Merit Curriculum required so students can graduate with a high school diploma. Additional electives offered mean students can gain real-life experience to prepare them for what’s next.


Special Education

No matter your child’s needs, we offer both special education teachers and social workers that provide additional support along your child’s path to success.


Get started.

Ready to enroll? Students age 14-21 who are entering grade 9 or higher can begin the enrollment process online using the link below.

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