About us.

Learn about Link Learning’s vision, goals, and the ways we help students ages 14-21 pursue their educational objectives by giving them the resources they need in a place where they can succeed.



To be a place where every student, regardless of their past, feels 100 percent accepted and cared for.


To provide a safe and positive place for students by listening to their stories, connecting through authentic relationships, and building personalized plans to help each student succeed.

Connect with Your Potential

Personalized Curriculum & Attention

Blending brick and mortar with virtual schooling, Link Learning provides students with the opportunity to build a personalized plan, and the care and support to help them succeed. With internships, mentoring opportunities, field trips, clubs, and other extracurricular activities, students have every opportunity to pursue the future they deserve.

Don’t let struggles with traditional education hold you back. With our first-class centers, one-on-one and small group teaching assistance, and your own computer and internet access, you’re empowered to learn at your own pace with the support of our welcoming and inclusive learning environment. 


What our students say about their experience at Link Learning:

enjoy working at their own pace

enjoy having a flexible schedule

enjoy having teachers to help them

enjoy having teachers who believed in them

enjoy ability to complete coursework remotely

enjoy check-ins from teachers/adults

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Ready to enroll? Students age 14-21 who are entering grade 9 or higher can enroll online using the link below.