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Know exactly what your school year will look like, no matter what life throws your way.

In a time when so much is uncertain, how you'll continue your high school education doesn't have to be.

Link Learning provides its students the best of virtual education with a personalized curriculum supported by caring, Michigan-based instructors who will encourage you and keep you motivated. 

Over 10 Years of Virtual Learning

More than 1,400 Michigan students have graduated from Link Learning. When you enroll, you're setting yourself up for a quality education that you can count on, taught by educators well-versed and experienced in teaching in a virtual environment.

From day one, you'll feel supported and encouraged at Link Learning. Our instructors are here to help you find the future you deserve. They'll meet you where you are academically and geographically by creating a curriculum that best fits your needs, and meeting with you at one of our 14 local centers to help you with schoolwork when you need it.

Prepare for Lifelong Success

Imagine graduating with skills that actually apply to the real world. At Link Learning, not only will you complete your high school requirements and earn your diploma in an environment that best fits your needs, you’ll also get career training that prepares you for life after graduation through our career training classes, or dual enrollment through colleges and universities across Michigan.

Enroll for This Fall

Make your fall high school plans certain by starting the enrollment process. If you're entering grade 9 or higher and are age 14-21, we're here to support you with not only a proven virtual learning experience, but with access to a laptop, wifi, and one-on-one teacher support. 

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